Itaka Escolapios Itaka Escolapios


Logo castellanoFollowing the completion of last year’s campaign, which was carried out with the main purpose of improving the quality of education in Senegal, we are now setting out on a new adventure. Managed by Calasanz, its main purpose will be to promote a new Piarist reality in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (the DRC) in Central Africa.fter embarking on the Congo River, our expedition is to land and make its way to Kinshasa and Kikonka in order to present the new projects of the Itaka-Escolapios solidarity network.

The Itaka-Escolapios Expedition lands in DR Congo and is transformed into a musical group. GROUP GROUP
A driver for universal education rights, this group leads the expedition and will be in charge of all that happens within it. Its task is to extend “compassion and words” to every corner of the globe. CALASANZ CALASANZ
Elykia and Esengo, in their teenage years and childhood respectively, were born in DR Congo and they travel the country telling their story and defending girls’ and women’s rights. ELYKIA AND ESENGO ELYKIA AND ESENGO
Although only a child, this girl is capable of map-reading and has a great sense of direction. She has great knowledge of the Piarist reality. In fact, this is exactly what has led her to be an activist for socially excluded people. MARINE MARINE
This South American girl is the expedition’s mechanic and “doer”. She has just one passion: to put together, full apart and fix all kinds of mechanisms. She knows that everything can be fixed through hard work and research. She also know how to find specific solutions , whether the problem be big or small. JIWA JIWA
As a European boy, he the eldest of the expeditionaries. He likes solidarity campaigns because he loves working with food from countries all over the world and he enjoys trying all kinds of ingredients. This knowledge has allowed him to become an expert and mediator between different cultures. His motto: “Do things with passion, give life a meaning” SUKAL SUKAL
This Central American teenager is in charge of our communication and of announcing everything that is going on during the expedition. Her communication abilities have turned her into a mediator and peace worker. Therefore, her motto is “Everything in life is a question of dialogue.” BLA BLA
She was born in a town near Kamda School, in the middle of the jungle. This is why she is passionate about the environment and sustainable development. For this reason, her motto is “Green, how I want you green.” QUISAP QUISAP