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2020-2021 Restart to Transform

Every year, the Itaka-Escolapios network carries out a solidarity campaign on an international level to help, collaborate and support some projects of the Piarist mission with children and young people, especially those in greatest need. You may remember campaigns like “To The Rhythm of the Congo”, “Senegal’s Treasure”, and “Getting Close To Atambua”, etc.

This year, however, understanding the moment we are living through with the situation of the pandemic, Itaka-Escolapios doesn’t suggest supporting one specific project, but the collaboration with the Piarist mission in general to help and support any project with the people in greatest need, who require of support at this difficult time.

The pandemic is causing a lot of vulnerability, not only for people, but also for institutions, as well as in the specific projects that we are supporting at Piarists, at Itaka-Escolapios.

The slogan for this campaign, “Restart to Transform” aims to value that, although Itaka-Escolapios has never stopped since beginning to respond to social needs with new and maybe more creative initiatives, we want to Reactivate our solidarity to continue transforming ourselves and everything around us.

In order to achieve this objective of personal transformation for social transformation, we have designed the campaign using the “Design for Change” methodology.

This methodology seeks the participation of people and the transformation of society.

The Itaka-Escolapios crew will take you through the next steps of this methodology (Feel, Imagine, Act, Evoluate and Share) in order to achieve the ultimate goal: to transform reality by collaborating with the Piarist mission.

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