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If you are reading this, it means that you are immersed in the development of the 2020-21 Piarist Solidarity Campaign “Restart to Transform”, or you may have just finished it.

It’s time to Share! the transformational actions you are doing or have already done.

You are in the fifth phase of the “Design for Change” methodology, Share!

We ask you to share the transformational actions that you have taken during the campaign in the Educa network, on websites and school social media, in your parish, in the Calasanz Movement, at the Itaka-Escolapios Office, and on your own social media.

We suggest this way of sharing, with three objectives:

  1. Acknowledge the work done by the students, group members, entities, etc. by talking about the solidarity actions carried out.
  2. Suggest and motivate other schools, parishes, groups and Itaka-Escolapios Network Offices to carry out transformational actions during the “Restart to Transform” campaign.
  3. Encourage economic and voluntary collaboration with the 2020-21 Piarist Solidarity Campaign “Restart to Transform”.


We suggest you Share! through these sites:

  • Institutional websites and institutional social media or your own social media.
  • On the Itaka-Escolapios website, and sending the news to
  • Uploading the transformational action to the itakaescolapios network by filling out this simple form:


By way of example, you will find some solidarity actions which have already been carried out attached:

– Some extraordinary donations to the Piarist Mission have been made through educational communities, PTAs, sport clubs, etc.

– Some faithful members of the Order have reduced their personal allowance to a minimum in order to focus on those who need it most.

– In some Fraternities, there is a proposal to strengthen the solidarity commitment beyond the tithe in this time of special need.

– Others who haven’t had their income affected have expressed their willingness to offer the extra pay as a special donation.