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It’s time to reflect, to evaluate the experience, and to find the keys to evolve towards future actions. This phase is crucial, since true growth comes as a result of reflection on experience. We need to develop CRITICAL THINKING, and assess the scope of our actions.

We are in the fourth phase of the methodology “Design for Change”, EVOLUATE (evaluate and evolve).

We suggest two simple tools for evaluation, with which to reflect and envisage your projects beyond the present moment.

  1. Anecdotes:

Ask your students to draw an anecdote that has happened to them during the project and that conjures emotions. Once the drawings are finished, you can share them by commenting on each anecdote or pinning them onto a panel so the whole group can see them.

  1. Different / Difficult / Learned

Divide them into groups of three, and encourage them to reach a team consensus on something that they found different, something they found difficult, and something they have learned. Ask them to write it on a post-it note and stick it on three panels with the questions: What did we find different? What did we find difficult? What have we learned? Afterwards, you can read them aloud and comment on them with the whole group.

These two evaluation tools create a final group reflection in which, more informally, they can share whatever they want.

Spend time on this final group moment as the most valuable reflections are likely to appear here.