Itaka Escolapios Itaka Escolapios


The 2019-20 campaign invited us to continue the exciting journey of the youth synod experienced that same year in the Pious Schools and at Itaka-Escolapios.  We wanted to emphasize the importance and the urgency of the Piarist mission with the youngest ones, especially with those who are in a situation of greater vulnerability.

We were able to start the campaign in November 2019, but its course was interrupted in the middle of March in Spain, and later across the rest of the countries of the network.

The irregular development of the activities at our educational centers prevented many of them from joining the campaign, with only twenty centers actively participating. Without a doubt, the effort made by many of them by innovating and putting forward new activities in times of confinement multiplies the real value of the $80,196.80 sent to the network’s socio-educational centers across the Americas.