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The first thing that the “Design for Change” methodology suggests is to get to know and analyze reality, and to empathize with people.

As we know, the pandemic is causing a lot of vulnerability, not only for children and youngsters, etc., but also for institutions. It is also causing vulnerability in the projects that, as Piarists and at Itaka-Escolapios, we are supporting and contributing to society.

In this situation, Itaka-Escolapios hasn’t stopped, but has tried to continue maintaining the existing projects, with great creativity, and has initiated new projects to try to respond to new needs.

Below we offer you several activities for you to FEEL.


Presentation. Order-Fraternity-Movement Calasanz

Presentation General Coordinator Itaka-Escolapios


World map (2 to 7)

Meeting the Crew Itaka-Escolapios (2 to 7)

Time capsule (2 to +18) 

Transforming Family (2 to +18)

Solidarity letterbox (2- +18)

Compare and contrast (8 to +18)

We pray with Calasanz (8 to +18)

Impact and response of Itaka-Escolapios (14 to +18)