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Transforming Family (2 to +18)

Dear families, we invite you to be a transformative family.

collaborate with the campaign “Restarting to Transform”

The pandemic caused by Covid-19 has hit health, the economy and society in general hard. And it has hit the most vulnerable people especially.

The social projects of Itaka-Escolapios have also been affected by the pandemic: it has forced us to paralyse the activity of boarding schools, socio-cultural centres, to close schools, it has reduced economic income and we have even had to postpone the start of new social projects…

We encourage you to collaborate:

Doing volunteer work in Itaka-Escolapios.
Making financial contributions as a family in the account numbers provided.
Making financial contributions through your sons and daughters.

We need everyone’s collaboration to continue responding to society’s needs.


PDF file: Transforming family