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Impact and response of Itaka-Escolapios (14 to +18)

Every year the Itaka-Escolapios network carries out a solidarity campaign at an international level, to help, collaborate and support some Piarist Mission project. There have been campaigns for the Philippines, Senegal, D.R. Congo…

But this year, Itaka-Escolapios, understanding the moment we are living, the situation of pandemic, proposes to support not a concrete project, but the Piarist Mission in general, for the children and young people, especially the poorest or most needy. We will try to help and support any project, several projects, that are in need of support in this difficult moment.

The pandemic is causing a lot of vulnerability, not only to people, children and youth, but also to institutions. Also to the concrete projects that as Piarists, from Itaka-Escolapios, we are supporting, we are contributing.

For this reason, this campaign seeks a collaboration with the Piarist Mission in general, in favour of the poorest children in all parts of the world.

Then the network will have to distribute the fruits of this campaign according to the needs, according to the concrete challenges.

PDF file: Impact and Response