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Interculturality Mission

Piarist centers are intercultural and dynamic spaces called to defend the union in the diversity of their participants, their environment, and the rest of the world.

Because we live in a world in which all cultures and countries have something to contribute, Sukal and Jiwa invite us to join the Interculturality Mission to promote an enriching coexistence that involves reciprocal learning, and generates a context of equality and tolerance, putting an end to intolerance and prejudice. Join us and get your interculturality diploma.

You have several activities to carry out the Interculturality Mission and a letter of congratulations from Dorotea when you succeed. (Final letter of the mission.)

Everything has already been invented (From 3 years old)

It unites us more than it divides us ( From 12 years old)

World week (From  14 to 18 years old)

 Interculturality Mural 

Colours Catalogue