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Enviroment Mission

Piarist centers are called to be centers that defend environment, with their participants, with their environment, and with the rest of the world.

This is the case in Campeche, Mexico, where the Calasanz Cultural Center with a group of young people has collected and recycled tons of PET plastic to prevent it from being burned and polluting the atmosphere.

Quisap and Look would like to invite you to the Environment Mission. Join them to work for ecological sustainability, review your consumption habits, and how you can help nature recover from the damage we cause. Get involved and participate to achieve the environment diploma. (Final letter of the mission)



Small actions add up (From 3 to 18 years old)

What has changed? (compare and contrast) (From  3 to 18 years old)

IMAGINE. How does Nature feel? (From 3 to 18 years old)

Rethinking environmental problems (From 12 years old)

My School’s Energy (From 3 to  5 years old)

What do you have feet for? (From 8 to 14 years old)

No energy in the city (From 12 to 16 years old)