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2022-2023 campaign goals: “one voice, one million changes”

  1. To get to know and support the educational, pastoral and life-changing work of the 7 projects supported by the Itaka-Escolapios network that are presented, to take co-responsibility for their mission and to contribute to covering the current expenses that enable their viability.
  2. To highlight, review and encourage the transforming nature of the Piarist centres, also offering EDUCA as a support and connection network of educational centres for social transformation.
  3. To contribute so that all the centres that carry out the proposed campaign can take steps forward to become more Piarist and transformative centres, in accordance with the proposal of the Global Compact on Education, which invites us to listen to the younger generations to build a dignified life for all.



Solidarity destination of the campaign “one voice, one million changes”

Since the beginning, the Itaka-Escolapios network has supported the Piarist mission in different parts of the world. In particular, those of you who have collaborated in the solidarity campaigns in recent years have contributed to support educationally, pastorally and economically various Piarist works and projects in countries as far apart as Brazil, Bolivia, Cameroon, Spain, Gabon, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Mozambique, DR Congo, Senegal and Venezuela.

During this year, all donations raised through the campaign “One Voice, One Million Changes” will support various informal piarist education projects, one of the main priorities for Itaka-Escolapios, as well as for the Order. That is to say that, with your support, you will be able to favour the sustainability of the Piarist mission so that we continue educating to achieve social change looking for a more just and humane world.

Specifically, through the different missions that the Calasanz crew proposes to us, we will be able to approach and get to know better some of the actions and projects of Itaka-Escolapios that work in the field of informal education. Piarist projects that strive to transform society, and relate to each other through the network:

The PEACE mission presents the reception of people displaced by the armed conflict in the French-speaking area of Cameroon, and the experiences of volunteering in social insertion projects in Venezuela.

– Through the CONNECT mission, we will approach the daily life of the Piarist boarding schools in Indonesia/India, Senegal and Bolivia, their day-to-day routines, their work and their educational proposal.

– With the EXPRESS YOURSELF mission, the importance of working also with adults in the reception and literacy programmes for migrants that we develop in Spain .


Get to know these projects better through the proposed work and by reviewing their fact sheets.

  1. Factsheet: Reception of refugees in Cameroon (PEACE)
  2. Factsheet: Volunteering in Venezuela (PEACE)
  3. Factsheet: Senegal boarding schools (CONNECT)
  4. Factsheet: Atambua boarding school (CONNECT)
  5. Factsheet: Cocapata boarding school (CONNECT)
  6. Factsheet: Emmaus migrants’ reception (EXPRESS YOURSELF)