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Campaing methodology

Welcome to a new solidarity campaign.

On this occasion, as every year, we propose a campaign that tries to adapt to the different ways of working it, to facilitate its development in each of the works, projects and presences of the four continents where we promote the Piarist mission.

As last year, we propose an adventure through three different missions. In this way, by overcoming little by little each one of them, the students will join the task of our traditional crew.

With this approach, we can work on the campaign as part of an academic project and integrate it into our students’ daily lives, or we can also work on each mission independently throughout the course. We invite you, however, to mark the continuity between one mission and another so that the students are aware of the globality of the campaign and the relationship between them.

This year, we want to give special importance to one of the challenges proposed by Pope Francisco in his proposal to build the Global Education Pact: that of listening to the voice of children and young people. A challenge that is intimately linked to the annual motto of the Order (YOUR VOICE), and a task as Piarist as the one of placing the little ones and their vision at the centre. Their needs, their complaints, and th

eir desire to be part of a necessary change for the whole of society must be heard.

To do this, we need to work in our classrooms, groups, etc., on the ability to feel, imagine and change their immediate environment. In this way we will help them to be aware that they can (and must) be protagonists of change, that they can be the v

oice and the cry of people who have been silenced, or who, for various reasons, are not heard.

With all these solidarity actions, we continue to take care of the double task of supporting the Piarist mission in places located many kilometres away from our presences, while we work so that our projects continue to grow as transforming centres of the closest environment, working in network, through EDUCA. For this reason, in each mission we will present one of the projects shared in Itaka-Escolapios that can inspire us to take action in our reality.

In addition, most of the activities (implicitly) follow the previously used scheme Feel-Imagine-Change, so that we can internalise this way of acting and discover the need to put it into practice in our environment.

Finally, I would like to remind you that one of the keys to success is to set the scene as much as possible at the beginning of each of the missions. A small dramatisation, the setting of the school, a visit to the classrooms by Calasanz or his crew mates to explain the missions, a letter from Calasanz to the students asking for collaboration, etc. And don’t forget the shared resources! The videos, the campaign song and the posters can be very useful for you.

It would be a great help that, if you carry out your own activities, different from the ones proposed here, please share them so that they can be carried out in other centres and so that our network can grow. Send your contributions and/or comments to

We encourage you and thank you very much for accompanying the participants in this adventure!