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Activities, posters and atmosphere

Whether you have already experience or if you are just beginning, we must remember that the key to success is love, enthusiasm and dedication in the preparation of the Solidarity Campaign. For this, it is important that you know all the resources that we offer you, so below you will find a complete list of all of them.

We invite you to navigate and discover all the proposals of the hand of our beloved Itaka-Escolapios crew, captained by Calasanz. (All contents are listed below with links).

  1. Projects worksheets.
  2. Presentation to the educational team.
  3. Awareness raising activities.
  4. Presentation table missions.
  5. Campaign poster.
  6. Promotional video.
  7. Video presentation Somewhere in the world.
  8. Poster Thanks (all languages and currencies).
  9. Logo (all languages here)
  10. Banner (horizontal / square)
  11. Characters.