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Objetives campaign

  1. Learn and support the educational, pastoral, and transformative work of the eight projects promoted by the Itaka-Escolapios network that are made known through the proposed activities.
  2. Corresponds of the impulse of the Piarist mission in several projects and countries of the world and contribute economically by covering part of the ordinary expenditure that allows its viability and sustainability.
  3. Reflect and favour paths of growth and development of the transformative character of the Pious Schools through participation in the EDUCA NETWORK, as a support network and connection of educational centres for social transformation.
  4. Integrate in our educational proposal strategies that promote the transformation of society in line with the Global Educational Pact, especially, the Service-Learning projects.


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Solidarity Destination of the Campaign

From its beginning, the Itaka-Escolapios network supports the Piarist mission in different places of the world. Specifically, those who have collaborated in the solidarity campaigns in the last years, have contributed to support educationally, pastorally, and economically diverse works and projects in more than 16 countries with Piarist Presence in America, Africa, Asia, and Europe. 

Throughout this year, the donations that are collected in the campaign “Somewhere in the world…” will allow you to give continuity to your solidarity of previous years, maintaining Piarist works and projects of both Formal and Non-Formal Education, in their ordinary functioning, but, knowing that actions can also be taken that, in an extraordinary way, arise to give a response to unforeseen realities. That is, with your support you can favour the sustainability of the Piarist mission so that we continue educating to achieve a social change in search of a more just, fraternal, and human world.

There will be some known faces such as Marine, Sukal, Bla, Quisap, Elykia and Esengo (of the crew captained by Calasanz), who accompany us to approach eight very different projects of the international network of Itaka-Escolapios. Projects that give a response to the reality that the Pious Schools have found in Bolivia, Cameroon, Cuba, Spain, Mozambique, and Venezuela.

With BLA, the little ones will work on the importance of communication and social awareness through well-known projects such as the Cocapata boarding school and the program of welcome to migrants in Spain.

ELYKIA and ESENGO, will present how important it is for all children to work and know their rights well, and fight for these to be respected as happens especially in the socio-educational centres of Madrid and Guanabacoa.

SUKAL, will help us to reflect on food waste and its consequences and will bring us closer to the experience of the school canteens of Cameroon.

QUISAP, maintains its concern for the care of our common home and for that reason knows well the proposal of environmental education of the Calasanz Movement.

Finally MARINE, always in search of social justice will accompany us to know new projects that work a renewal of the economy in some of our Piarist presences, such as the agropastoral program of Minenehue, or the entrepreneurship project of Valencia (Venezuela).

You can approach these projects from now on through the work that we propose in each of the ACTIVITIES (link), or by reviewing all the information included in their worksheets:

  1. Worksheet: Cocapata boarding school(Bolivia).
  2. Worksheet: Welcome migrants (differents cities of Spain).
  3. Worksheet: Socio-educational centre in Guanabacoa (Cuba).
  4. Worksheet: Socio-educational centre Akar-Calasanz in Madrid (Spain).
  5. Worksheet: School canteens of Cameroon.
  6. Worksheet: Environmental education in the Calasanz Movement
  7. Worksheet: Agropastoral project in Minenehue (Mozambique).
  8. Worksheet: Work entrepreneurship project in Valencia (Venezuela).