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Campaign methodology


One more year, we welcome you to this website, and we thank you for the work that from now on you are going to do in your centre for the development of the Solidarity Campaign “Somewhere in the world…”

As always, we propose a campaign that tries to adapt to the various ways of working it, thus facilitating its development in each of the works, projects, and presences of the four continents where we promote the Piarist mission through the Itaka-Escolapios network.

In this course, considering the objectives of the Solidarity Campaign and listening to your proposals for improvement, a new approach is proposed that can help to deepen better in the projects that are presented, as well as in the value or theme that gives name to each mission. An approach focused on the development of simple interdisciplinary Service-Learning projects as a proposal for the room, with which a greater significance of the curricular learning is sought when being able to put into practice, for the improvement of society, everything learned in the different subjects.

For this reason, the five proposed missions will be worked by age ranges exclusively. So that, in each of them, both in the school and in the Calasanz Movement will treat a single theme linked to one or two Piarist projects, as indicated in this summary table:

We do not forget the most senior ones (Shared Mission Teams, Cloisters and Communities of the Fraternity) because they have the privilege of having specific proposals in each of the missions.

Nor the commitment to continue promoting the construction of the Global Educational Pact because, through the designed activities will be worked, for example, the Rights of the Child or the reflection on the necessary renewal of the economy and the politics of our society. Two of the challenges of which the Pope speaks to us in his proposal.

Remember that one of the keys to success is to prepare well the Solidarity Campaign knowing all the resources that we offer you: activities for the Calasanz Movement, Service-Learning projects, activities to work with adults linked to the EEPP, videos, songs, worksheets for the projects, etc. We invite you to navigate and discover all the proposals from the hand of our dear crew of Itaka-Escolapios, captained by Calasanz..

Have in mind that your experience is key to improve every year, so one more year, we ask you that if you perform own activities different to the ones here are raised, please, share them so that they can be published and inspire other centres, so that little by little, we make our network grow.
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Encourage and many thanks in advance for so much effort and illusion.

Let the adventure begin!