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Remembering “One Voice, a million changes”



Almost a year ago, a new space was opened on this same EDUCA website to present the campaign “A voice, a million changes”, focused on knowing some of the projects of Itaka-Escolapios; but above all to listen to the voice of all the Piarist children and young people who raised their voice for others, to transform and improve society.

A campaign that has been developed during the last year in 16 countries with Piarist presence: Benin, Bolivia, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, D.D. Congo, Ivory Coast, Cuba, Spain, Philippines, France, Gabon, Guinea, Mexico, Senegal, Venezuela. Truly, we are increasingly more who participate and collaborate in this drive of the transformative mission of the Pious Schools from the proposed activities. It is important that we know how to value and feel this international brotherhood that is built with the common and shared work we do; and celebrate, with one same voice, the more than a million changes that we generate through it.

Thank you, one more year, for adding you, for putting you in action, for raising your voice. We are convinced that, without your involvement, it wouldn’t have been the same. Throughout the year we have managed to publicize and deepen in the work to be done in six of the projects of the Itaka-Escolapios network and support the economic sustainability of these and many more.

GThank you again, because with all your actions and donations, we have managed to reach important figures to continue promoting the Piarist mission throughout the world.
And as every year, this same page, we share the poster of thanks with the final figures of economic collection of the campaign “One voice, a million changes”

Let’s keep going! 

*the other languages will be in the part of posters or in the corresponding page ATMOSPHERE.