Itaka Escolapios Itaka Escolapios

Children, both girls and boys should be educated together and receive equal education. Opting for coeducation means a greater quest for equality at each stage of their development. The aim of the resources in this section is to eliminate gender stereotypes by overcoming social inequalities and cultural hierarchies between girls and Boys.

Busqueda Avanzada

There are songs…and songs.


  • Reflect on the presence of values such as equality and justice in songs, but also about stereotypes and sexist prejudices.
  • Promote reflection and internalize values in a motivating way through songs.
  • Foster the values of non-violence, equality, justice, etc.
  • Identify and understand the role that many people working in the music industry have in our society. These people aim to guarantee the human rights of the entire human race.

What equality do we want?


Deepen the idea of equality, overcoming the superficial ideas that are often presented to us, such as the equality between men and women as a simple assumption of male roles by women.

The Princess Who Didn’t Want to Be Saved


  • Promoting equality and non-discrimination in children
  • Learn the value of the common above possible differences.
  • Discard stereotypes of gender and appearance, promoting other values such as friendship.



  • Sensitize the students to the values of respect and equality and extend the sensitization to the whole educational center and to the scholar center environment.
  • Implicating the students and the educational community in their awakening. They need to take action and help to develop equality between men and women.

Once upon another time


  • Discover existing sexist stereotypes. This time in traditional tales.
  • Look for alternatives for the inequality between men and women in tales.