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We live in a socio-economic system that creates exclusion. We have a duty to be activists against exclusion, to seek a society in which all citizens have equal access to opportunities and resources. We must actively commit ourselves to building a more just and sustainable world.

Busqueda Avanzada

Cuidando sus pequeños pasos


  • Conocer la realidad de los centros socioeducativos de Itaka-Escolapios en Guanabacoa (Cuba) y el barrio de Aluche de Madrid (España). 
  • Trabajar la centralidad del niño o niña, a través del conocimiento y cuidado de los Derechos de la Infancia.  

Tus derechos, mis derechos


  • Reforzar la importancia del derecho a la educación, recreación, inclusión social, protección contra el abuso y discriminación.

Talent sales


  1. Know the cultures of dances, music and food of other countries present in the projects of Itaka-Escolapios.
  2. Motivate them to shiw their talents in the service of God, bringing joy, messages of peace and solidarity.

In protest


  1. Raising awareness from adolescence that speaking out in defence of different realities and contexts is not only necessary, but also makes us co-responsible for the changes that occur in the world.
  2. Encourage adults and young people not to give way to indifference.

Build change


  • To show the reality we dream of from a perspective of solidarity and love.
  • To get to know Itaka-Escolapios projects in our environment or in other Piarist districts, in which actions that generate changes are made visible.