Itaka Escolapios

“Everyone has the right to education.” This is how article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights begins. This article gives each person the right to receive an education that must be accessible (eliminating all forms of discrimination in access to it), available (must be free), acceptable (quality) and adaptable (must be adapted to each student). Education is the principal means by which every person can develop his or her abilities, skills and participate actively in society. This is why it is a “gateway” right: it is the gateway to all other rights (such as the right to health or the right to work); it is indispensable for fighting poverty and inequality, for achieving sustainable development, etc.

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Carta de un Escolapio


- Carta para conocer la vida de un escolapio

Carta a los mayores del colegio


- Hacer pensar a los alumnos sobre su trayectoria en el colegio.
- Conocer el proyecto educativo del centro
- Conocer las propuestas que se hacen desde el colegio