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Friends of the Heart.

Date: 2022 22th November

Fight against exclusion


  • 6-8
  • 8-10
  • 10-12
  • 12-14

Objectives :

  1.  Highlighting the value of Love, that allows you to connect with others and receive God's gift.
  2. Know the reality of other children and young people, empathizing with their environment.
  3. Recognize that faithfulness and commitment is part of love.
  4. Motivate to express their voice, a kind, responsible and close voice to Jesus of Nazareth.


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Time: 2h 30 min.


- Film Clifford the Big Red Dog to project.

- Files of the boarding schools. (Annexes)

- Colors, pencils, Big Red Dog print.

1. We begin with the screening of the film, beforehand we give some guidelines for taking notes during the film, moments or phrases that identify them or catch their attention.

2. Once we have finished, we reflect by listening to their annotations. One id

ea is to relate the big red dog with God, as we integrate him into our lives, we can see the love that he offers us, which is so great and compassionate that he gave his son for us, the red is the blood spilled for you and for me, he is always with you (the faithfulness of a dog), your friend, he gives you the strength to raise your voice against injustice..., to spread joy and solidarity with others as well as to serve without expecting anything in return. Friendship plays an important role, reflects love and trust,

 is responsible for your actions and lasts even if there is no direct contact and brings out the best in you.

FEEL: We review our skills, actions, what our friendships are like.

We ask ourselves:

- Do we have a friendly relationship with God?

- Are we supportive and fair before the moments that deserve it?

- Have you reflected on how a colleague feels when constantly suffering bullying, if he/she is your friend, how does it change the way you intervene?

- What can we do when we have discriminatory thoughts due to differences in cultures, politics, status, among others?

IMAGINE. Value the opportunities of each one.

Now we observe the reality of other girls, boys and young people in our boarding schools where, being far from their families, they miss them and need to see the love of the "big red dog". And that they also get it from their teachers, classmates and friendships that are generated on a daily basis. (The following videos can be screened: , y

Each make a list of the benefits of having your school close to home and a list of the disadvantages of having to be in boarding school for the whole school year. Reflect..


Color your big dog and write a message or a magical wish for humanity, family or magic that you want to happen in you, this written inside the heart.

Esta actividad se propone en el marco de la Campaña de solidaridad 2022-23