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Date: 2021 22th October



  • 3-5
  • 6-8
  • 8-10
  • 10-12
  • 12-14
  • 14-16
  • 16-18
  • +18

Objectives :

  • Sensitize the students to the values of respect and equality and extend the sensitization to the whole educational center and to the scholar center environment.
  • Implicating the students and the educational community in their awakening. They need to take action and help to develop equality between men and women.



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Context-Exhibition of posters which will boost coeducation and affective equality.

The possibilities will differ according to the age range of the students performing the activity.

Although it may include the completion of a contest, it is possible to limit the format assuming that the winner is “the equality between men and women” and therefore may not be more reward than equality itself.

Objective 5 of Sustainable Development states: “To achieve equality between genders and empower all women and little girls.”

We will work on the OSD5 in class, adapting the reflection depth to the students age, time management and the rest of the planned activities to boost equality. 

It is convenient to start the activity by explaining that we live in a society which needs us to boost equality. Girls, boys, and young people in general have an important role to achieve this.

The activity may start analyzing the perception of inequality that the students have. After that, raise if they live or feel that they are unequal. Regardless the answer, ask them if they believe that in society men and women have the same rights.

There are several ways to converse around this topic:

The gender equality program of Unicef can help us to reflect :

There is a concept related to inequality that we can use in primary courses to familiarize students with the topic. This concept is wage inequality between men and women for the same task. We can bring this topic to the class or do an experiment to see what students say about it and debate (the completion of this exercise may be an activity of the campaign by itself).

Subtitled in Spanish:

Subtitled in English:

Another Spanish version:

Another video which may help to prepare the activity:

The conclusion should be that the inequality exists, and it is something we have to fight against. But how? By trying to find a way to help from school, as for example realizing the sexist behavior and avoiding it early. We can let the group-class-course-cycle of studies identify a specific action which can be performed in the school or outside of it.

Regardless of the result we propose to do something that will improve the inequality situation in our environment. We invite them to generate in a collaborative way, different slogans which supporting equality. After that, they have to choose one or several of them.

Subsequently we may write those slogans and draw in poster format a drawing for them. It may be handmade, with a computer, in groups, individually etc.

Subsequently, the placement of some of the posters in different places of the neighborhood or places in the educational center may be organized. This action has a transformative component to the outside and makes it visually available for everyone.

To facilitate the format we add in the annex a poster template that might be useful. It can be modified and adapted freely to include the name of the educational center and its logo.

This activity is part of the 21-22 Solidarity Campaign