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Piarist Memory

Date: 2022 10th November



  • 8-10
  • 10-12
  • 12-14
  • 14-16
  • 16-18

Objectives :

  1. To share our experiences with our group.
  2. To know better the people who take part in Calasanz Movement in other places.
  3. To be aware of the unity of Calasanz Movement globally.


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1. Memory:

To start the Memory game, mix all the cards and place them face down, so that the images are not visible. The first player will turn over two cards, if they are the same he/she takes them, if not he/she hides them again. Then, it is turn of the next player to do the same, and ect... The goal is to manage to memorize the location of the different cards in order to successively flip the two identical cards that form a pair, to take them away. The game finished when all the pairs are found. The player who has managed to take more cards away will win the game.

The cards are pairs of images about things that Calasanz gave to the children in his time. Regarding the images we have played in the Mamory game, they will be divided among the children to work those aspects that Calasanz taught and that we think are important nowadays.

2. Dynamic:

We will reflect on this question: What does the Piarist bring to your life? To one brings a school, to the other brings a family, to another a group...

The aim of this activity is to be able to share our reflections with all the people that take part in Calasanz Movement globally. To do this you can create any type of content where you share your reflections via text, hashtag, photo, video, etc.. to this email:

As we receive the content where you all share your reflections on this question, it will be posted in this website:

Esta actividad se propone en el marco de la Campaña de solidaridad 2022-23