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Talent sales

Date: 2022 22th November

Fight against exclusion


  • 8-10
  • 10-12
  • 12-14
  • 14-16
  • 16-18

Objectives :

  1. Know the cultures of dances, music and food of other countries present in the projects of Itaka-Escolapios.
  2. Motivate them to shiw their talents in the service of God, bringing joy, messages of peace and solidarity.


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Materials: colored paper, scissors, colors, markers, paints, brushes...


We present the literacy and welcome projects that we have in Spain, there are many diversity of cultures, talents, gifts that are observed in these centres that are made available to help them integrate into a new population or country, in these projects we can give and receive, it is to see the beauty of interculturality as they feed back for the common good. (See Annex 1. Emmaus sheet). With this file you can see the availability that there is at the service of children, young people and adults, different talents that God has given to each volunteer and that with a lot of love offers to these people who have migrated to Spain in search of a better stability and find in these projects a helping hand to continue believing in them and to be inserted in the social life.

1. We name the different languages that exist, therefore the importance of receiving classes in Spanish.

2. Types of religions.

3. Cultures of dances, music.

4. Typical foods.

We read and interpret The Parable of the Talents (Annex 2)

Reflection: In The Parable of the Talents God entrusts his gifts or talents to men with the responsibility to develop them and expects a profitable response from each man, and that inactivity through fear, over-concern or cowardice, laziness or simple conscious omission to make the talents received yield their potential. What are the talents God gives us?

The first mission we have is to discover what talents God has given us, what gifts I notice I have in my life that make it easier for me to do things better. Some have the gift of kindness, sympathy, technological, manual capabilities. Some have talents for music, dance, cooking among others. What's yours? How do you use it to do good in yourself and for others?


They must show their talents to migrants in Spain and to your classmates including some of your culture.

Each child must make a poster, containing his name and must decorate with everything that is allusive to his talent: dance, singing, drawing, sports, music, crafts, cooking ...

Then they must place their Stand for sale, where they must sell as the best there is and how it can help others; a talent market.

The monitors or catechists can record each child or young person to share on the networks and be able to observe the diversity of cultures that we serve at the level of Itaka-Escolapios Network.


You have as a challenge to make your talent known, put it at the service and investigate what is the usefulness of that or the several gifts that God has given you, to change and transform.


Esta actividad se propone en el marco de la Campaña de solidaridad 2022-23