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Education is not always transformative

Date: 2021 16th December

Right to education


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Objectives :

  • To approach the concept of transformative education.
  • To reflect on our educational reality.
  • To get to know the transforming keys of Piarist pedagogy.


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Access to education transforms people's lives, it is irrefutable, because it opens up a whole horizon of possibilities, it develops us as human beings, it gives us access to better living conditions. It is the future.

But if we want to go a little deeper, we can realise that education can also be a strategy to perpetuate the structures of injustice, a "weapon" so that everything remains the same.

As Piarist educational centres, we are clear that education must serve to transform people (students, educators, staff, families...) and to improve our neighbourhood, town, city to the point of ending or alleviating situations of social injustice...

We invite you to reflect together and to dialogue in your communities, shared mission groups, cloisters, adult groups... For this purpose, we attach a PowerPoint : Transformative pedagogies for the TS Itaka-Escolapios.

This activity is designed within the framework of the 21-22 Solidarity Campaign.