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Series of solidarity activities.

Date: 2021 02th November

Fight against exclusion


  • 3-5
  • 6-8
  • 8-10
  • 10-12
  • 12-14
  • 14-16
  • 16-18
  • +18

Objectives :

  • Offer raising solidarity activities.

  • Explain our solidarity and networking model.


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One of the main objectives of the Piarist solidarity campaigns is that we feel all Piarist projects run by Itaka-Escolapios, are also our projects wherever they are, because we are responsible from them. Through this objective we work on our catholicity, universality, the Piarist network, and the Itaka-Escolapios network.

Our mission cannot be reduced just to a feeling, it must be reflected in solidarity actions: volunteering, economic sharing, etc. This is because if something matters to me and I identify myself with it, I get actively involved.

We offer you a series of solidarity or fundraising activities, which you may carry out or may help you create your own.

We need to raise awareness, but also RAISE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE so the twenty nice centers supported by Itaka-Escolapios can continue transforming us and transforming others.

Criteria for choosing fundraising activities:

  • A design shall never be against the values we promote in Itaka-Escolapios: interculturality, coeducation, sustainable development, education, peace and non-violence, social inclusion, and a global and local connection.
  • No activity should imply higher costs than what is raised.
  • We must provide channels of participation for as many people as possible in the design and the solidarity activities implementation, especially for the youngest.

List of possible fundraising activities for the “Changing centers, change your center” campaign.

Financial contributions without expecting anything in return, maybe those add the most value.

  1. Share without expecting something in return the tithe of our salaries, wages, allowances, etc. There are a lot of religious and lay people who contribute some or all their incomes to support the Piarist Mission.
  2. Place a collecting tin or box in the classroom, where they can collect the financial contributions made by the students themselves.
  3. Ask the families for their financial contribution through letter, email, social media, etc. providing them with an account number where they can make a deposit or making the contribution at the Piarist school itself.
  4. Raising money during the Eucharistic celebrations held in the parish, Piarist Christian community, etc.
  5. And anything else that comes to mind!

Financial contribution in the exchange campaign.

  1. Sale of calendars: calendars can contain some candy inside or information about the campaign.
  2. Sale of hydroalcoholic gels to alleviate the spread of the pandemic.
  3. Sale of food.
  4. Solidarity races by paying and prior registration
  5. Dancing, singing, musical festivals with a donation as admission.
  6. Sale of arts and crafts made by the students.
  7. Raffles with prizes consistent with Itaka-Escolapios values.
  8. Screening of films charging a donation for admission.
  9. Solidarity Flea Market: sale of second-hand items.
  10. Games organized by the older students, charging every participant.
  11. Sports tournaments with prior registration and charge.
  12. Solidarity walks with a charge for registration and for kilometers.
  13. Lunch-meeting with prior registration and charge.
  14. Collecting donations house to house, organized by Calasanz Movement.
  15. Advertising of the campaign through local mass media, provide a place or account number where all the donations can be made.
  16. And anything else that comes to mind!

This activity is proposed in the framework of the Solidarity Campaign 2021-2022: