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Being a member of the Educa project, allows you to form part of a network of educational communities for transformation.

1st Step: How to join the Educa network

1. By accessing the “How to become an educational center” tab of this website.
2. Fill out the document “Adhesion and commitment to educa.itakaescolapios” and send it to

2nd Step: How to participate in the Educa project (once you have joined the project)

1. Advancing in social transformation: Making your educational reality advance in its involvement in social transformation by completing the steps set out in the document “Adhesion and commitment educ.itakaescolapios”.
2. Uploading transformative educational proposals to You will be able to share, with the network of educational communities for social transformation Educa, the educational resources and experiences of social transformation that you generate.
To upload a resource or experience fill out the form at the end of these lines.

The network of educational communities for social transformation educa.itakaescolapios is a living network that we created together.

We encourage you to participate and share your transformative educational proposals.


    Fill in this form, the spaces that are pertinent, according to the proposal you wish to share in the Educa. network, an educational resource, a transformative experience, a service-learning project or others.

    Educational resourceTransformative experienceService-learning projectOthers

    CoeducationPeaceSustainabilityInterculturalityGlobal-local approachFight against exclusionRight to education

    3-5 years6-8 years8-10 years10-12 years12-14 years14-16 years16-18 years+ 18 years

    - Attachments: (you can attach documents, images, posters etc. If you find difficulties to attach you can contact via or paste in the text box a link to the place where the attachment can be accessible in case of public, dropbox, onedrive, mega, YouTube, etc.)