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Peace calendar

Date: 2022 14th December



  • 8-10
  • 10-12

Objectives :

  • To promote active participation through the leadership and prominence of each of the boys and girls who are part of our parishes, projects and schools, giving them a voice and the possibility of generating a daily challenge or activity that has peace-building at its centre in their context.


(Ninguna valoración todavía)

The headmasters of each of the schools will generate a numbered peace calendar (preferably covering the dates of a month and a half, anticipating the total number of students, volunteers or participants), each day, each of the children should be selected randomly, by list number or in a certain order, and the child in question should put a rule, a challenge or an activity regarding peace building in their context, from joy, love, solidarity, respect or any value that is important to highlight in order to build peace.

This way, all the students, volunteers or participants of this activity will be able to offer a concrete activity to make a better context and reality, giving them a voice and allowing their ideas and vision of the world to emerge.


  • "Juan Carlos on May 1 proposes to smile at the biggest number of people throughout the day"
  • "Sofia Susana May 14 proposes to collect garbage at recess time."

The proposals should be moderated by the teachers, coordinators or monitors in charge in order to validate them or take them through a better, more viable, real and concrete path.

The activity involves several days of action, it will be important to have at the end of the activity the complete calendar with the names of all participants and their proposals.

Esta actividad se propone en el marco de la Campaña de solidaridad 2022-23