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Let’s shout for Peace: Cheers that bring hearts together!

Date: 2024 08th January



  • 12-14

Objectives :

  1. To encourage in-depth reflection on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, highlighting the crucial importance of the values that underpin and promote peace as a fundamental tool for its resolution.
  2. To stimulate creativity and collective participation through the elaboration of a cheer and a choreography that encourage and promote peace as a fundamental value.


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Duration: 100 minutes (two 50' classes).

Materials needed: Loudspeaker, music, internet connection, projector.

Moment 1. Prayer.

We will begin this activity with a very special prayer, as we lift up our prayers, keeping in mind that Israel and Palestine are a manifestation of our collective quest for harmony, hope and reconciliation. (The group can be divided into two parts and each half can read aloud a paragraph of the prayer).

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

We turn to you, Lord, in these times of turmoil and suffering, crying out for the healing presence of your peace in every corner of these lands marked by discord

We ask you, merciful Father, to send your light upon the hearts of those caught in conflict, infusing them with wisdom to seek paths of understanding and mutual comprehension. May the veil of discord be dispelled by the strength of your love, allowing empathy to flourish between those who have been divided by pain and history

Strengthen, O Lord, those who have suffered the relentless weight of violence and loss. May your comfort embrace the victims, giving them hope to rebuild their lives and faith in a future where peace is not just a dream, but a palpable and lasting reality.

God of compassion, guide leaders and all those involved in the search for peaceful solutions. Inspire their actions, make them instruments of your will so that, with humility and determination, they may build bridges to reconciliation and harmonious coexistence.

Grant, Lord, that the peace we long for may not only be the absence of conflict, but the active presence of justice, dignity and mutual respect among brothers and sisters. May we be bearers of your light in this wounded world, sowing seeds of hope and love in every gesture of solidarity and compassion.

May our faith in you, God of peace, impel us to be agents of change, to work tirelessly for a world where genuine peace reigns, where every person is valued and respected for their humanity.

ALL: We commend to your infinite love, especially, those in Israel and Palestine who long to live in peace.


Moment 2. Shared reflection.

Before or after the prayer, briefly explain the conflict in Israel and Palestine. If you find it useful, you can show the video “The Israel-Palestine Conflict” yand ask students to reflect on the following.

  1. Whatcan we do to better understand what is happening in places like Israel and Palestine where there is conflict?
  2. Howcanwe help to promote peace in our immediate surroundings, such as the classroom, the school or my community?
  3. Whatvalúesdo you think are important to achieve peace and coexistence, especially when there are differences of thought between people?

Share the answers in plenary.

Moment 3. Creative proposal.

Inthe final minutes of the first class, after the plenary sharing, the following is raised:

  • War and conflict are sad stories, so we will cheer up the world by shouting for peace with dances and cheers that unite our hearts.
  • Inteams of 5 to 8 students you will choose a song on which you will choreograph a simple choreography, and at the end you will have to chant together a cheer written by them in favour of peace, especially peace between Israel and Palestine. The time for the choreography plus the chant should not exceed 3 minutes. Students can incorporate banners, pompoms or other props to enrich their performance.

At the start of the second class:

  • A few brief minutes are given to rehearse and get the teams in agreement before their presentation. Teams come to the front and present their choreography and cheer. If possible, record the presentations so that you can share them later digitally.

NOTE: Cheers are: Chants, rhymes, phrases and dances that fans perform together to show their support for a team in sport. On this occasion we are cheering for peace..

This activity is proposed within the framework of the Peace Campaign 2024