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Places in need of PEACE.

Date: 2024 08th January



  • 14-16
  • 16-18

Objectives :

  1. To open our eyes to the reality of the different armed conflicts that are currently taking place in the world.
  2. To raise awareness of the daily reality that the population of these places at war may be going through.
  3. To promote a committed attitude in the visibility of these realities and the dissemination of messages in defence of peace.
  4. To propose social networks as a space for denunciation, critical reflection and the promotion of dialogue, coexistence, the defence of human rights and a culture of peace


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Duration: 40/50 minutes.

Materiales necesarios: Speaker, music, internet connection.

Moment 1. Prayer.

We listen to this year's theme song, “Mi lugar”

PRAYER (Source: United Nations, from Pastoral SJ)

Lord, our Earth is just a tiny star

lost in the vastness of the Universe

Our task is to make it a planet

where we do not live tormented by wars,

tortured by hunger and terror

or torn and divided by ideology, race or colour.

Give us the wisdom and courage to start

to take action today

so that our children

and our children's children

may one day proudly call themselves 'brothers'.

Moment 2. Shared reflection.


The following presentation is shared through individual devices (mobiles, tablets, computers...) or from the digital whiteboard in the classroom genially presentation.

There are links to general and more specific information on various current armed conflicts. Ideally, groups of 4-5 students should be formed and each group should have a device so that they can choose their destination and find out about the place that catches their attention. To access more information, they should click on the various interactive buttons that appear on the main screen.(Source: The main reference page used is the following: BBC)

It is proposed that each group makes an initial panoramic tour of these contents and then selects a specific place that is currently in conflict. Students should be encouraged to select conflicts other than Ukraine and Gaza, which are the most visible on the news agenda of our media. Some information is also provided on what factors affect the visibility of a conflict (a general reflection on this can be encouraged)

Each group should select one of the conflicts, approach the information provided on this reality and work on the following questions What might a day in the life of a person your age living in that country be like? What could that person share on networks? Imagine what the Reel that person could post on a day like today would look like.


The teacher can choose one of the conflicts presented in the genially and print or share the information with the students. From there, work on the questions and proposed reflection.

  • What might a day in the life of a person of your age living in that country be like?
  • What could this person share on social media? Imagine what the reel that person could publish on a day like today would be like.

Moment 3. Creative proposal: a REEL of REAL.

Each group should think about publishing a Reel (Instagram) to give visibility to the situation of the selected place, in order to bring this reality closer to their digital environment. They can make posters (using, for example, the "I love..." image included in the annexes), gestures, choreographies, add images... use the means available and their Instagram skills to publicise a conflict that may be unknown to many people in our contexts.

This activity is proposed within the framework of the Peace Campaign 2024