Itaka Escolapios Itaka Escolapios

Oremos por la Paz

Date: 2022 01th December



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Objectives :

  • To appreciate Peace as a necessary value to be promoted.
  • To become co-responsible in the fight for Peace.
  • To generate areas to pray for Peace.


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First of all, we will present the reality of two of the projects promoted by Itaka-Escolapios which build a world where peace is possible (Bamenda and Venezuela). It would be wonderful if someone has previusly thought of a dynamic way to present such realities. In case of not having done so, the project forms can be distributed and, after reading it, each of the group members can share what emphasizes from what he/she has read and which feeling it causes in him/her. What has caught my attention the most? Which feeling prevail in me after knowing a bit more about both projects?

We access the website (It may be a good idea to send a copy of the verses on paper). Each member of the group chooses a verse that reminds him/her of a violent situation which occurs in our environment and what he/she thinks he/she can do to take action in that situation.

Finally, we pray together the prayer we can find in the Anexx 04.01.01i Prayer for Peace Annex.

This activity is proposed in the framework of the Solidarity Campaign 2022-23