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2024 – Where I belong is the world, where I belong is Peace.


In some parts of the world, where Itaka-Escolapios is present, the School Day for Nonviolence and Peace is celebrated around the 30th of January, the anniversary of Gandhi’s death. In other places it is not so called, but we also work on educational proposals that promote a culture of peace and justice. Either because they take place in societies where peace is not visible, or because we empathise and show solidarity with peoples and societies living in war or in the absence of peace.

Unfortunately, every year (and on repeated occasions, sadly), there are reasons to continue working to foster in the children, young people and adults of the Pious Schools environments, behaviours and proposals where PEACE and LOVE are a priority in social, political and any other type of relationships.

Itaka-Escolapios is a clearly Christian and Piarist entity, that is why we launch educational pastoral proposals that help us to promote the culture of peace in all our works and projects. This year, more than ever, we join in the prayer of so many Christians around the world, of Pope Francis and of the Church in general. A prayer with which to approach reality, to empathise, to accompany or offer comfort and, above all, to insist that God the Father never forgets the human pain in places of conflict, and that he makes himself present in each and every suffering heart.

Because, somewhere in the world, someone needs our prayer. And that is why we are proposing a series of simple activities based on a proposal for morning prayer, which will be a little longer than on other days. A prayer with which we can approach the pain of others and say loudly on behalf of anyone: WHERE I BELONG IS THE WORLD, WHERE I BELONG IS PEACE.