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Learn about the mission of the boarding schools.

Date: 2022 02th November

Right to education
Fight against exclusion


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Objectives :

  • To recognize the transforming action of the boarding schools supported by Itaka-Escolapios.
  • To know realities and Piarist experiences of transformation, from the youngest.


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The activity, which is part of the Itaka-Escolapios solidarity campaign of 2022-23, is structured in three parts. In the first one we will know the reality and pass it through the heart (FEEL). In the second part (IMAGINE) we will try to imagine which changes we can generate regarding the reality that we have felt in the first part. In the third and last part (CHANGE), we will implement what we have imagined.

In this activity we will know the reality of the boarding schools in Anzaldo.

Feel: We can watch Wilma’s story

and, from there, share in community the feelings expressed by Wilma. We took the opportunity to share the level of knowledge we had about these boarding schools, how informed we are about their daily life, personal experiences...

It would be great if someone has also prepared a way to present the Anzaldo boarding school reality (the reality of the Atambua and Senegal boarding schools can be also presented). To do so, we can visit the project form on Educa’s website ( and prepare a short presentation of the form.


After watching the film and having discussed it, we will imagine in which graphic way we could create awareness in our closest environment of the reality of these boys and girls. It is about thinking some specific way (it can be a banner, mural, poster, create a digital presentation that can be distributed via networks, etc.)


We create an informative graphic proposal which we will spread in our social networks, schools, parishes... The idea is that the final product will physically present the projects of Itaka-Escolapios boarding schools.

We propose to conclude the activity with a short prayer in line with the realities we have worked on.

Another option, if we have more time, is to watch the film “On the Way to School” in the “feel” section and make a video forum. You can find here links to the complete film in Spanish y some information about it. Link to a short introduction to the documentary:

Link to the film in Spanish:

If you want to watch it in HD quality you can rent it here

Information and proposal for a video forum for students (ideas for working with adults may rise from here, even though at this age group questions are not usually needed as a guide of dialogue):

Esta actividad se propone en el marco de la Campaña de solidaridad 2022-23