Itaka Escolapios Itaka Escolapios

Migration, up for debate

Date: 2022 10th November

Fight against exclusion


  • 14-16
  • +18

Objectives :

  1. To know and support the educational, pastoral and transforming work of the Itaka-Escolapios network, to be jointly responsible for its mission and to contribute to cover the ordinary expenses that allow its viability.
  2. To highlight, review and encourage the transforming character of the Piarist centres, also offering EDUCA, as a network of support and connection of educational centres for social transformation.
  3. To contribute by sensitising children from 12 to 15 years of age in our centres to carry out the proposed campaign, so that they can take steps forward to become more Piarist and transformative centres, in line with the proposal of the Global Education Pact, which invites us to listen to the younger generations in order to build a dignified life for all.
  4. To facilitate the understanding and necessity of these projects and missions, presenting volunteering as a way of life.
  5. To introduce and explain the importance of welcoming all people, minimising differences and highlighting similarities.


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Duration: approximately 2 sessions of 45 minutes

The main development theme is conveyed through the presentation of the Emmaus province's project for welcoming migrants. We want the students to be aware of this situation and to relate it to the need for this year's solidarity campaign.

We use the Feel - Imagine - Change format to create the activity and make it easy for young people to understand. In each of the stages we will do the following:

Feel: Presentation of APM - Itaka Escolapios

Firstly, the APM programme (Accompaniment of Migrants) and the reality of migrants in Spain will be presented. To do so, we recommend watching the video , where the programme is explained in detail. In addition, you can visit the website. and learn about the initiative, as well as read the text detailing the reasons (  )

In addition, if appropriate, the students can be asked to research the reality of migrants in Spain and to provide more information than previously mentioned.

Imagine: Debate school

Using the data obtained, the students are asked to simulate a UN summit on the rights of migrants. In it, the current situation will be evaluated and strategic directions will be proposed to solve the problem. Afterwards, they will reflect on what happened and draw conclusions.

Change: Complaint video message

Finally, the students are asked to report the problematic situation through a video such as those on social networks which, if possible, can be shared with the educational community.

It can be a video message, a short film, a tiktok, etc. depending on the time available.


Esta actividad se propone en el marco de la Campaña de solidaridad 2022-23