Itaka Escolapios Itaka Escolapios

I See-I Think-I Wonder

Date: 2022 10th November

Global-local approach


  • 8-10
  • 10-12
  • 12-14
  • 14-16
  • 16-18

Objectives :

  1. To know the reality of other Piarist presences.
  2. To create a dialogue place between the people of the Calasanz Movement all over the world.


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We will resume the activity we made in CONÉCTATE. With all the content posted on the website, we will create a thinking routine. We can do it in several days.


Thinking routine: I SEE-I THINK-I ASK MYSELF

1.I SEE: individually, they will have to note what they see in the website, they will have some time in order to be able to see in detail all the content of the web.

2.I THINK: which ideas arise when they see the content and the reflections of the web.

3.I ASK MYSELF: ¿Which questions come to mind? We share them with our group.

Esta actividad se propone en el marco de la Campaña de solidaridad 2022-23