Itaka Escolapios Itaka Escolapios

President for a day

Date: 2022 08th November

Global-local approach
Fight against exclusion


  • 8-10
  • 10-12

Objectives :

To raise awareness and visibility of the immigration issue in the context and place in which they live, providing a space for reflection in search of transformation and the construction of a more united world.



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An annex will be shared with a series of questions to be answered with the aim of understanding and getting to know the topic of immigration in the particular context in which the children develop, then continuing with the activity, the participating children from our schools, projects or parishes will be asked to write a speech in their notebook as if they were playing the role of the president of their country, in this speech the focus will be on the topic of immigration and they will be able to write or improve their country as they wish.

From each context, the best 5 speeches will be digitalised and should be published to be shared with the educational community, the community of the socio-educational project or the parish in question.


Esta actividad se propone en el marco de la Campaña de solidaridad 2022-23