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What equality do we want?

Date: 2021 22th October



  • 16-18
  • +18

Objectives :

Deepen the idea of equality, overcoming the superficial ideas that are often presented to us, such as the equality between men and women as a simple assumption of male roles by women.


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We suggest you watch Pixar's short film Purl twice:

In English (original) with automatically translated subtitles:

After the first viewing we raise a small debate on the subject of the video.

What does it consist of? What do we think about it? Do we agree with what it proposes?

Before the second viewing we invite you to read the article from the Spanish newspaper “El País”:

After reading the article we can watch the short film again, considering what the newspaper article tells us. We debate if our point of view has changed at all and we think about what each of us can do to promote equality.

As a final activity we can agree on 4 conclusions regarding equality that we can share with the rest of the classes-cycle-school through a small manifesto or any other similar system.


This activity is part of the 21-22 Solidarity Campaign: