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Globalization is a complex and dynamic process that affects different spheres: the economy, society, trade, migration, cultural manifestations, etc. In a world in which the link between the local and the global is ever greater, we have to assume that we have to work in our closest context to modify the most global context. We bet for a model of horizontal solidarity, of equal to equal, that pursues the interest for the well-being of the other individuals of the society that we feel as our equals.

Busqueda Avanzada

Build change


  • To show the reality we dream of from a perspective of solidarity and love.
  • To get to know Itaka-Escolapios projects in our environment or in other Piarist districts, in which actions that generate changes are made visible.

One voice, one connection


  1. Highlight the value of fraternity.
  2. Know the reality of other children and young people, empathizing with their environment
  3. Motivate them to express their voice and connect with others with whom they have something in common.

Connect, but… for what?


  • To reflect on the digital and technological illiteracy of children and young people in places where the internet is still not very accessible, and to make visible the importance of joining the efforts of others through knowledge of reality and the development of empathy for contexts that are physically distant.
  • To value the critical, constructive, ethical and efficient use of ICT and/or RRSS resources that are within our reach.
  • Actively participate in the campaign "One voice, a million changes" bringing the reality of some of Itaka-Escolapios' projects closer to the educational community.

Initial Activity Cloister Solidarity Campaign 2022-23


  1. Remember the previous campaign and its impact on our environment.
  2. Deepen our understanding of Educa as a tool for social transformation.
  3. Learn about the Itaka Escolapios Solidarity Campaign 2022-23.
  4. Listen to the "voices" of our pupils.

A podcast to connect


  • Use the voice to raise awareness and encourage reflection in the lives of our adolescents regarding the various realities that will benefit from this campaign.
  • To approach the different realities of the projects and works promoted by Itaka-Escolapios (boarding schools in Senegal, Atambua and Bolivia) and to establish connections with them.