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Globalization is a complex and dynamic process that affects different spheres: the economy, society, trade, migration, cultural manifestations, etc. In a world in which the link between the local and the global is ever greater, we have to assume that we have to work in our closest context to modify the most global context. We bet for a model of horizontal solidarity, of equal to equal, that pursues the interest for the well-being of the other individuals of the society that we feel as our equals.

Busqueda Avanzada

President for a day


To raise awareness and visibility of the immigration issue in the context and place in which they live, providing a space for reflection in search of transformation and the construction of a more united world.

A Sea of ants


To generate a reflection of solidarity and humanity from the purest and most innocent age, encouraging a specific action based on love, making visible the importance of joining the efforts of others.

Your voice for Cameroon


  • To raise awareness of the value of security in the vital development of individuals and communities, especially children and young people.
  • To approach the reality of Cameroon, through everyday images, in order to encourage adolescents to give a face to the people affected by the conflict and to be able to empathise with their situation to a greater extent.
  • Promote a critical and reflective attitude towards different types of conflicts, which will enable them to separate identity, ideological, moral, and other aspects.
  • To encourage a committed response to the immediate environment, but also to more distant realities, such as those in Cameroon.

¿Conoces los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible?


  • Dar al alumnado una visión general sobre qué son los ODS y acercarlos a su realidad.
  • Fomentar su compromiso con los ODS.

Calasanz y los ODS


  • Conocer los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible comparándolos con la situación en la época de Calasanz.
  • Reflexionar sobre el avance en estos ODS, entonces y ahora.
  • Reflexionar sobre qué hacía Calasanz al respecto (aunque no se llamasen ODS).