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A podcast to connect

Date: 2022 15th November

Right to education
Global-local approach


  • 16-18

Objectives :

  • Use the voice to raise awareness and encourage reflection in the lives of our adolescents regarding the various realities that will benefit from this campaign.
  • To approach the different realities of the projects and works promoted by Itaka-Escolapios (boarding schools in Senegal, Atambua and Bolivia) and to establish connections with them.


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This project can be developed transversally in the first or second foreign language subjects (English, French, Portuguese or Spanish) and/or the local vehicular language.

In this activity, we propose tools that aim to help with motivation, as well as with the development of metacognition and autonomy during the process. These tools are:

Miniwebquest (Link) and "I used to think, now I think" worksheets (Annex 1).

And, as indicated in the first one, the final product will be the recording and diffusion of a podcast through which the students will make known what their centre and their integral educational reality are like.

It is essential that the teacher accompanies the students during the creative and research process, facilitating: working in teams of 5 or 6 people, knowledge of the reality of boarding schools and carrying out the task described. The students must know the possible receivers of their podcast and the target boarding school, for which we will share the reading of the file (in each team) and a discussion among the groups of experts with the aim of establishing a parallelism between the information received about the boarding school and that which, in each podcast, is offered about their own school.

The starting point for providing content for the recording will be a brainstorming session that will be proposed in each group or assembly, without forgetting that the podcast must reflect the reality of the school (context, students, stages, particularities...) and the different activities that are carried out in it.

OPTIONAL. It is recommended that, in addition, five textual typologies can be worked on: the letter, the interview, the survey, the report and the news programme. Therefore, in addition to assigning one of the boarding schools to each group, each typology will be worked on by one of them.

Finally, we will proceed to the recording and editing of the podcast by the students. And to share it in the school's social networks and/or with Itaka-Escolapios through the address

Esta actividad se propone en el marco de la Campaña de solidaridad 2022-23