Itaka Escolapios Itaka Escolapios

One voice, one connection

Date: 2022 21th November

Global-local approach
Fight against exclusion


  • 6-8
  • 8-10
  • 10-12

Objectives :

  1. Highlight the value of fraternity.
  2. Know the reality of other children and young people, empathizing with their environment
  3. Motivate them to express their voice and connect with others with whom they have something in common.


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Time: 45 min.


Paper hearts

World map


Blocks or bricks

1. Start dynamics: Cross the Lake. Groups of 3 or 4 students are formed. They are told that they are in front of a lake full of piranhas, crocodiles and thousands of bugs that will eat them if they step on the ground. They must cross the lake from one shore to another with the only help of 5 stones (bricks) that can step on and move but not move within them. The moment a person touches with both feet in the lake the whole group should start on the first shore.

2. FEEL: "rain of emotions" in which they must answer the following questions: What did they feel with the game? Did they help each other? Did they work as a team to reach the goal? Then you can read a description of Oussouye's boarding school in Senegal ( or any of the project files (annex 1, 2 and 3). Reference is made to the affection and trust between classmates, which becomes a relationship like brothers, is what we look for in every Piarist community "the fraternity" as in the boarding school mentioned above and in all the Piarist works.

3. IMAGINE. From this perception of fraternity, a world map will be shown and on it, guided by the monitor, all the places where there is a Piarist presence will be located with a small paper heart. The monitor will generate a space for reflection, calling the children to imagine what it would be like to go

to all those places, to meet those children and young people who are perhaps so similar to each one of you, despite the distance and cultural differences, there is the commonality of being Piarists.

4. CHANGE: You can make a video together greeting Piarist children and young people from another country (the one chosen by the boys) in order to be connected and united with our voice.


Esta actividad se propone en el marco de la Campaña de solidaridad 2022-23