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Let´s go to school

Date: 2022 08th November

Right to education


  • 3-5

Objectives :

We aim to make the students aware of the difficulties that other children like them have in going to school.



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Pre-task: the teaching team is invited to review the Itaka-Escolapios boarding school files, in order to link the reflection and adapt the information to the group of students. (Annex 1)


1.We watch the story "For four little corners". (Link

2. We discuss and reflect on the story: What happened to Little Square? did he have a problem? did he have trouble finding a solution? why did Little Square want to go inside the house? was the big house his school?

3. Can all the children in the world, those who live in other countries, go to school? Is it important for them to be able to go to school?


1. We will discuss together how we get to school in the mornings (walking, by scooter, by car) and how long it takes us to get there (if we are far, near, if we get very tired...). What would happen if it took us all morning to get to school? Would we be able to come every day?

2.We look for solutions to the questions above and present pictures of the boarding schools (see annex 2)


Colour a drawing of a boarding school that they will take home to explain to their families what a boarding school is and how children live in Itaka-Escolapios boarding schools.

3 years: Colouring and marking the way from home to the boarding school (Annex 3)

4 years: Colouring and finding out what they do at the boarding school (annex 4)

5 years: Option to make an origami boarding school to take home. Put the Piarist logo on it. (annex 5) Link to the tutori (

This activity is proposed within the framework of the 2022-23 Solidarity Campaign