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Small actions add up

Date: 2021 23th October



  • 3-5
  • 6-8
  • 8-10
  • 10-12
  • 12-14
  • 14-16
  • 16-18

Objectives :

  • Encourage students to take concrete actions to help the climate.
  • Show that the sum of many small actions adds up to a relevant action.

Autor: Junta de Andalucía “KiotoEduca: Fichero de actividades de Sensibilización Ambiental y Propuestas Didácticas para el Desarrollo del Currículo”



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One of the main objectives of climate education is to raise awareness of the importance of responsible action. It is essential for the educational initiative to be achieved that the change of attitude is towards a more respectful behavior with respect to the environment.  That is the purpose of this activity about commitment, in which it is intended that students get involved in resolving the problem of climate change, through their small actions.

Each student will fill in a sheet of individual commitment (annex: individual commitment). It is advisable to set a maximum number of commitments per area (home, school and neighborhood) so that they are actually achievable. Depending on the group, it can be either one or two measures per area. Once the sheet has been filled in and signed, they must understand that they have committed to their actions of choice, so they should be willing to carry them out.

Next, it’s important to create an open discussion on the importance of individual action against climate change. It may seem that some of the actions are negligible, which can be discouraging. However, if many people carry them out, the sum of all their small actions adds up to a meaningful action.

After some time from the commitment of the group, the teacher may ask how they are doing with their actions, if they are carrying them out, what challenges they may be facing, etc. It is also important to encourage them to keep at it, since perseverance is essential to acquire long term habits.

This activity is part of the 21-22 Solidarity Campaign