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“Everyone has the right to education.” This is how article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights begins. This article gives each person the right to receive an education that must be accessible (eliminating all forms of discrimination in access to it), available (must be free), acceptable (quality) and adaptable (must be adapted to each student). Education is the principal means by which every person can develop his or her abilities, skills and participate actively in society. This is why it is a “gateway” right: it is the gateway to all other rights (such as the right to health or the right to work); it is indispensable for fighting poverty and inequality, for achieving sustainable development, etc.

Busqueda Avanzada

Education is not always transformative


  • To approach the concept of transformative education.
  • To reflect on our educational reality.
  • To get to know the transforming keys of Piarist pedagogy.



  • Use sports for socializing. A meeting and development place for children and young people from different groups.
  • Create an integration space for the most deprived people.
  • Raise funds for the campaign with registration for sports championships.

Get to know and promote Itaka-Escolapios centers


  • Discover the Itaka-Escolapios network educational centers.
  • Discover the transforming action carried out by these Piarist centers.
  • Locate Piarist centers in the map and learn geography.
  • Develop communication skills by promoting these Piarist centers to other people.

Initial activity for the cloister (campaign 2021-22)


  • Conocer la red Educa.itakaescolapios como plataforma para compartir y encontrar recursos educativos para la transformación social.
  • Analizar el impacto en el entorno que tiene nuestro centro/obra.
  • Plantear nuevas maneras de modificar nuestro entorno más cercano.

CSI (Color, symbol, image) about the video of the campaign.


  • Start a reflection about the concept of solidarity and how each student experiences it.
  • Get to know this year’s solidarity campaign.
  • Express ideas, thoughts and feelings in a creative way.