Itaka Escolapios Itaka Escolapios

Presentation. Order-Fraternity-Movement Calasanz

The negative impact, of the Covid-19 pandemic, on the works and people who form the Pious School, unfortunately, is being very important.

Faced with this situation…

The Father General: Fr. Padre Aguado

The assistant for Africa: Fr.Pierre Diatta.      The assistant for America: Fr. Francisco Anaya

The assistant for Asia:
The assistant for Europe:
The General Piarist Fraternity:
The Calasanz Movement:

They ask for our collaboration, in the Piarist solidarity campaign 20-21 “Restarting to transform”, in order to alleviate the damages suffered and to continue giving an answer to the social needs from the Pious School and Itaka-Escolapios.