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Methodology of the campaign

This school year’s solidarity campaign wants, once again, to include games and the gamification of its proposals. For this reason, we propose a “setting” of the same around an adventure in which students or participants must overcome a series of missions that will turn them into team members of the Itaka Escolapios crew. In this way, we will achieve that learning is more significant, their experience more rewarding, and especially the youngest children, feel more involved in the campaign. As always, this is only a proposal for implementation, as each center knows best what activities and proposals work best in its own reality.

The proposed activities are designed to work in conjunction with the academic content and the transformative education of our campaigns. In this way, for those who wish, it can be worked on in the classroom as an interdisciplinary project.

If you look at the proposed activities, you will find four different missions. Each one of them revolves around a value:

Solidarity Mission

Coeducation Mission

Enviroment Mission

Interculturality Mission

We have chosen those values that we consider important to promote in the centers, in line with the educational proposal of Itaka-Escolapios and the Global Compact on Education proposed by Pope Francis.  We propose four in order for everyone to be able to work on the ones they want, being always the initial one the “Solidarity” Mission. The students can work on all of them or just some of them in the order they wish.

As you will see, there is plenty of material. You can use it freely in several moments of the year that you consider appropriate (example: Coeducation Mission, March 8. International Women’s Day, etc.). You can also consider that the campaign lasts the whole year and the missions are carried out gradually around dates that are considered ideal.

We invite you to create as much atmosphere as possible at the beginning of the missions. A small dramatization, setting of the school, visits to the classrooms by Calasanz and Dorotea to explain the missions, letters from Calasanz to the students asking for collaboration, etc. can be useful for this purpose.

In those places where there is no team to promote this and other campaigns of Itaka- Escolapios, we invite to form a stable coordinating team to coordinate and encourage the various activities, both in the formal and informal field.

Each of the missions, implicitly, follows a common scheme Feel-Imagine-Change in order to internalize the value and discover the need to put it into practice in our environment.

At the end of the missions that you decide to work on, we suggest that you give each participant his or her crew member certificate, which you will find in the material that we will send you.

It would be a great help if, if you carry out your own activities, various from the ones presented here, you could share them with us so that they can be carried out in other centers and thus create a network. Send your contributions and/or comments to

Cheer up and thank you very much for joining participants on this adventure!