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Posters and logos

SPANISH Una voz, un millón de cambios CAMPAÑA DE SOLIDARIDAD 
ENGLISH One voice, a million changes SOLIDARITY CAMPAIGN
FRENCH Une voix, un million de changements CAMPAGNE DE SOLIDARITÉ
PORTUGUESE Uma voz, um milhão de mudanças CAMPANHA DE SOLIDARIDADE
BASQUE Ahots bat, hamaika aldaketa ELKARTASUN KANPAINA
GALLEGO Unha voz, un millón de cambios CAMPAÑA DE SOLIDARIEDADE

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Character in Colour
 Colouring Character
A lifetime dedicated to teaching and learning. Her years of experience as an educator invite us to listen to her attentively. Dorotea’s latest challenge? To convince us of the need to practice transformative education, to improve our lives and those around us. DOROTEA

DOROTEA (with background)

As an advocate of the right to universal education, she leads the expedition and is responsible for everything that happens on it. His commitment: to fill every corner of the planet with “Mercy and Letters”. CALASANZ

CALASANZ(with background)

Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, teenager Elykia and little Esengo are travelling around the country telling their story and defending the rights of girls and women. ELIKIA – ESENGO ELIKIA – ESENGO
This little African girl has the ability to decipher maps and a great sense of direction. She is a great connoisseur of the Piarist reality, which has made her a worker on behalf of the excluded. MARINE MARINE
This South American is the mechanic and “handywoman” of the expedition. She has a passion: assembling, disassembling and fixing all kinds of mechanisms. She knows that everything can be fixed with hard work and research. She knows how to find concrete solutions to problems big and small. JIWA JIWA
A European child, the oldest of the expedition members. He likes solidarity campaigns, because he loves working with food from all countries and tasting all kinds of ingredients. This knowledge has made him a connoisseur and mediator between different cultures. His motto: “you have to put salt in life”. SUKAL SUKAL
Our Central American teenager is responsible for communicating and disseminating everything that happens on the expedition. This ability to communicate has made her a great mediator and peace worker, not in vain her motto is “everything is a matter of dialogue”. BLA BLA
He was born in a village near the Kamda school, a place surrounded by nature. He is therefore a great lover of the environment and sustainable development. That is why his motto is “green, I see you green”. QUISAP QUISAP
He is an Asian child and a great connoisseur of Indonesia. We remember him from the campaign “Meeting Atambua” and from his home he is attentive to any danger that may arise. He cares for others, always valuing health and teaching his friends how to take care of themselves in the face of this pandemic. As he says: “Let’s take care and take care of ourselves”. LOOK LOOK